Product Attempe

Healthy Food from Factory of ATTEMPE produces Tempe made from Non GMO Soybeans. Therefore, the Attempe product is an Indigenous Fermenttion Fod for Healthy food consumption. Healthy products are consumed as raw materials for fried tempeh, vegetable tempeh, brownies as a various side dishes from tempeh, etc.

Due to very high protein content, vegetable fat, fiber / fiber, vitamin A, B1, E, minerals, calcium, polysaccharides, lecithin and isoflavones which are very helpful in cell growth and anti-cancer, Tempe has maintain health, increase cognitive power and reduce cholesterol (HDL and LDL). The taste of ATTEMPE is more delicious and highly nutritious.

Product Attempe Including

  • Many kind Fresh Tempe with banana leafs
  • Frozen Food of Attempe
  • Product Processing Tempe such as Brownies and Chips

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