Healthy Food Attempe

Tempe is golden food. Using Rhizopus Oligosporus for makingA the fermentation process in tempe has increasing the nutrients found in soybean to multiply its nutritions.

Indonesian indigenous fermentation food processed from soybean ingredients is increasingly widely known, as a higher source of protein than meat and fish. Attempe is an tempe producer to made tempe from local non GMO Soybean. Attempe are present in encouraging an increase in the value of local soybean in the farmer community. The tempe is packed in plastic packaging @ 300 grams and 500 grams and tempeh is wrapped in leaves @ 300 grams (round and square). The quality is the same, the plastic packaging tempe is popular because it is more hygienic. The leaf packing tempe is preferred because of its natural and tastier flavor. Attempe also develops tempe-processed products such as brownies, cookies and Attempe chips Click here for map location Attempe

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