Tempe is a healthy food that has been recognized as Indonesian Indigenous product cultural heritage and has also been recognized as one of the world’s healthiest foods which is rich in protein, minerals and probiotic sources.

Atempe is using Non GMO Local Soybean as a raw materials with the main consideration for increasing the use of local soybeans from post-harvest Indonesian farmers. Its are more natural, fresh, more healthy, safe and good to support food products compared to imported soybeans that are transgenic / synthetic chemical (GMO). Attempe will continuously educate the public about the importance of healthy food from non-GMO local soybean products in accordance with Goverment Law (PP Article 6 No. 9 of 1969) concerning the importance of labeling products from GMO / genetic engineering materials. Besides that, there are also efforts to increase the love of domestic products and increase welfare in the group of farmers.

Attempe is currently aiming at the target market among the people who are aware of the importance of healthy food and local food products in the country. . The product quality of ATTEMPE is indeed higher than the quality of conventional Tempe products in general in the community. This is because in the aspect of raw materials used are local soybean raw materials of farmers who have food quality standards

Attempe will develop area of ​​approximately 1,600 M2 which brings together warehouse, marketing and production in one location area to further increase productivity and cost effectiveness during production

Healthy Tempe Products of Attempe will be able to increase its productivity and also the production process is developed to the level of tempe products in the next generation, namely culinary and processed tempeh to various forms and tastes of consumers today. Attempe is a pioneer of the Healthy Food Tempe product which prioritizes the use of local soybean farmers and educates farmers to increase the production of local soybean farmers and support Tempe as an Indonesian cultural heritage